TurboFire Challenge Group FAQ

images-1Hello all! Good morning/afternoon/evening depending on where in the world you are (it’s dinner time here in the UK!)

I have already gotten many questions about this challenge so I’m going to do a little FAQ right here, right now. Please read through them, and if you have any other questions, ask below (if it could help others) or just message me!

Q. Can I invite my friends/mother/father/boyfriend/girlfriend/dog?

A. Yes please! They do have to have internet and a Facebook page (and be friends with me!), just because I’ll be updating everything on the private Facebook group. Let me know if you want IN, but you aren’t already in the Facebook event, I’ll add you, and then you need to respond GOING because I’m going to use that attending list to make the private group.

Q. Hey, I can’t do arm balances and I’m not really into yoga that much, so I think maybe this isn’t for me?

A. TurboFire is not at all yoga-y. The focus of TurboFire is HIIT (high intensity interval training), and that’s why its’ so effective. Chalene (the creator) has some great stretches in her videos but I’ll be posting more stretches to help lengthen you out. I won’t post any arm balances. (Unless requested!)

Q. Do I need any gear for these workouts?

A.No! Sneakers are good because there’s jumping but the other great thing about this program that I love, is that we’re using fast intervals and our own body weight to tone.

Q. Have you already done this program?

A. No! I wanted to be in the same boat as everyone else so that I can celebrate the hurtles and commiserate with you all when our legs are sore. I tested out two of the workouts just to make sure I loved them. I did!

Q. Is this challenge actually free!?

A. It is! 100% free! You will need to sign up for Team Beachbody so that you can access the workouts (they’re on this program called On Demand that has a LOT of the other really amazing Beachbody workouts as well!) The first 30 days are free so that’s why we’re doing this as a 30 day challenge! The actual TurboFire program is 90 days. I’ll remind the group to cancel your subscription before the 30 day mark but if you’re loving the program and want to continue to the end with me or try some other program, you will be charged $38 quarterly (you have to enter your credit card info when you sign up, even though you won’t be charged at that time).

Q. What’s the point of this?

A. It’s your own journey. You don’t have to, but I would highly recommend/suggest that you take before and after pictures on Day 1, Day 15 and Day 30. With staying on the workout schedule, eating from the Nutrition Plan that’s included and following other good habits (ask me about Shakeology!), you’ll be amazed with the results! BUT, and this is important, the biggest goal is to stay motivated, keep trying, work it out, eat cleanly and if you miss a day or three, that’s okay!

Q. Oh this sounds cool but I’m not in shape! I’m nervous! I don’t want to let the team down! (this isn’t really a question, but I have gotten these messages)

A. This is all about what you want to put into it! We’re only a “team” on this challenge in the way of being there for each other with motivation and inspiration. There’s no prize for the winner (although there might be some incentive prizes for participation in the group), or shame for the loser! You’re a winner when you say YES to the Challenge because the first step is the hardest one. No one’s going to know if you did your workout that day or not, except you.

I’m so excited to do this challenge with all of you!

Peace, love and squats! (I should shorten that to PLS)



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