Wellness is for Every One and Every Day!


In the fitness (and hashtag) world, Wednesdays is about Wellness. I have always cared about my health and wellness, about being in shape and eating well. I have had a pretty consistent yoga practice for about 4 years and I’ve always watched what I put into my body. But I have never been so conscious of my health, fitness, nutrition and wellness as I have over the past month. In May, When I was on tour in Europe, I was contemplating how easy it is to get lazy and lethargic while traveling and how hard it is to keep a consistent diet and good eating habits while being so mobile. Then I discovered Beachbody through a friend, and everything has changed, for the WAY better.

I wake up in the morning looking forward to my daily workout. I literally salivate when I think about Shakeology and can’t wait until I get to make it each day. I scheme and plan my meals and am just generally a happier and definitely healthier person!

Wellness is a state of body and also a state of mind. At different times throughout my life, my Wellness focus has shifted between my body and my mind, but I’m striving towards an even 50/50 focus and I’m getting closer! From personal experience I can say that it’s very hard to achieve Wellness of the mind with the CONSTANT, in-your-face media flow of supermodels, the latest fad diets, the raging tabloids, the lists of what’s hot and what’s not, the horrors of fat, the terrors of anorexia, I could go on all day. Here are some really important things to remember (that I’m incorporating into my head daily now!):

-The grass is ALWAYS greener on the other side of that damn fence (but what if you could just scale the fence, sit on top and be content and pleased with the view!?).   -Your heart, voice and opinions are FAR more important to the world than the size of your ____ (fill in the blank).   -No matter how skinny or fat you are or think you are, your nutrition, health and WELLNESS are the top priority.

A bit more on that last one and an interesting opinion. I watched a really wonderful webinar last night, given by Seay Stanford, where she says that there is no such thing as poor fitness, only poor nutrition. Our nutrition is the way to kickstart our healthiest selves. Feeding our bodies feeds our minds (and then our minds want to feed our bodies!) Hey, and we circle back to Wellness!

Wellness Wednesday has transformed into Wellness Week in my mind and body and I want to share that treasure! Please reach out to me to hear more about my experience, ask any nutrition/fitness/Wellness 😉 questions or to hear about our exciting upcoming Challenge Groups!

This is a jackfruit!!! Jackfruit is often used as the vegan “meat” in “tuna” salad, “pulled pork” sandwiches and “fish” tacos. I love it because it isn’t fake at all. The natural texture and muted taste just allow jackfruit to be prepared in different ways and to soak up the sauces that create that signature taste. This was my first time seeing one whole!

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