CIZE it up!!

Remember when I posted a 15 second long time lapse video six weeks ago, trying Shaun T’s new program, Cize!? You can review the video here in case you didn’t know what I’m talking about or need a smile 😉

I am not a dancer. Not at all. Hence the time-lapse… I look much cooler in fast motion. Remember my blog post about courage and how we can never move through our fears until we acknowledge and truly face them? I’m scared of dancing. My insecurities about my body and my analytical brain express themselves through wild movements and laughter if I ever find myself in a social situation where everyone is dancing (ie at a club or party).

But here’s the thing. I LIKE dancing and nothing makes me feel more free than just moving my body. And now, as I take steps towards finding and molding the happiest and healthiest version of myself, I feel the need and want to conquer my fear of dancing and all of my left feet!


Cize is here. The end of exercise! (and the beginning of my dance career!?)

The newest workout sensation from Shaun T, the wonderful trainer that we know and love (and maybe love-hate on some days) from programs like Insanity, Insanity Max: 30 and T25, was officially released at Summit 2015 this past weekend! Just the Beachbody preview of Cize gets me pumped up to move and groove!

Shaun T walks through each move, starting very slowly, so that you really get the hang of it, and the way the program is set up, you are to master each of the workouts before moving on to the next. Each “workout” is set to great pop music so that you really feel like you’re dancing with Shaun T and the other dancers by the time the choreography is complete!

Starting tonight, the Cize Challenge Pack (the program plus Shakeology) will be on special!! Who’s going to join me, my multiple left feet and thousands of other people looking to lose weight, switch up their fitness routine or maybe learn how to move their body in a coordinated way!? Let’s #cizeitup together!!


Please comment below, write me a message or send a carrier pigeon if you are IN!!

Peace, love, and booty-shakes,



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