The Journey

Happy Saturday friends! tumblr_mubba9OnWo1qiucqmo1_500

We all have people we look up to for different reasons. Perhaps it’s their eloquent public speaking abilities, the lines they coax out of the guitar, the incredible inventions that seem materialize in their heads, the pure artistry of paintbrush to paper or the chiseled body of a fitness guru. Whatever kind of person you may look up to for whatever reason, we’ve all said “I wish I could do that/be that!” And then maybe we go out and buy a paintbrush or we read a book on public speaking. Usually, though, the process is cut short as we get frustrated with how little progress we make in a week, a month, maybe even a year.

Muhammad Ali said that he wasn’t made a champion in the ring, he was only recognized as one there. It’s all about the journey.

The end goal, whether it’s to be a professional football player or to lose 100 pounds by a certain date isn’t what should matter as much as the road. Sometimes our vision is so pigeon-holed and specific that we don’t realize how awesome and rewarding the creation of our story is.

We can’t look to those inspiring people and aspire to be what they are today (well we can, but we’ll be frustrated every time!). You know that all those people started somewhere too, where they felt lost and frustrated and needed to make changes. Let those people’s stories, trials, tribulations, trainings, classes and dedication motivate you to start your own journey! Revel in your successes (however small), troubleshoot the trials, be a light to those around you and most importantly don’t give up because you’re stomach isn’t as toned as the person in front of you, or your sculpted flower doesn’t look as good as the teacher’s.

Be inspired by other people’s journeys, don’t let their story frustrate and turn you away from something you are genuinely interested in pursuing!

I’ve had to remind myself of these things recently. In the middle of an Insanity workout or trying to hold a new yoga arm balance, I get frustrated and want to quit. I tell myself I should be stronger and better. But when I take a deep breath, smile, and try again, the results are always much more rewarding and another step of my journey is realized. At the end of the workout I always feel WAY awesome and sweaty and pretty tired, but I’m amazed with the progress I’ve made in a month and my future story possibilities excite me!

The many faces of post-Pure-Cardio-Insanity Kiki!

How many times have you told yourself “I can’t do that” or “I’ll never look like that” or come up with excuses because you’re “not in shape?” or “not pretty enough?” When are you going to stop roadblocking yourself? The end goal is not the focus. The journey is.

When are you going to consciously start your journey to a happier, healthier and more positive you?

Today? Let’s do it!!


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