Be The Blur!

It’s Monday again!

Monday is often the day where we slug out of bed, perhaps post a picture like this on social media, imgres(I just googled “Garfield mondays” and SO many pictures came up!), make a cup of coffee with your eyes shut, and drive to work (hopefully with your eyes open). The rest of the day is a blur. Perhaps the rest of the week is a blur. The routine kicks in, but you wonder why so everyone is moving so fast and you can’t wait till Friday (TGIF) when you can relax/party/kick back for a few days!

Here’s an idea!!!!  What if YOU were the blur? Hear me out. What if you always had incredible energy, vitality, smiles for everyone, words of encouragement, helping hands? What if you were ready to jump out of bed even before your alarm clock went off, no matter what day it was? What if you felt the best you’ve ever felt, in your life? All the time!?

Are you ready to start becoming the blur? It’s a journey, it’s not going to happen overnight, but with dedication, motivation and the right attitude, it can happen. There’s that saying that it takes 21 days to create a habit. More research has been done recently to support that it actually takes more like 66 days, but let’s start somewhere; 21 days sounds perfect!

The great news is that for the month of July, so that’s only a few more days, Autumn Calabrese‘s programs, 21 Day Fix and 21 Day Fix Extreme are on special!! The BEST news is that you can order either of the 21 Day Fix programs with Shakeology (the best shake in the world), and if you put your whole effort in but you don’t lose 10-15lbs in those 21 days or see other incredible changes to your body and self, you will get your money back, even if you haven’t finished your Shakeology bag!! That’s the promise of the 30 day trial at Beachbody.

What are you waiting for!? Contact me today!

FullSizeRenderWith much love and blurry jumps,



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