Sunday, Super Gym and Snapchat!

Happy Sunday!

It’s a day of appreciation! Whatever you believe and however you celebrate yourself and those around you, do it with love, peace and smiles 🙂

I just logged in my 101st workout on the WOWY Super Gym on Team Beachbody. That feels really cool to see, say and write. The Super Gym is a really fantastic tool that is included in your FREE Team Beachbody basic membership! You can schedule workouts, log them in when you’ve completed, connect with other people in the fitness community, plan workouts with buddies and you have access to your own free personal coach, who can help you create meal plans, suggest workout programs that will fit with your wants and needs and be there as a supportive motivator, every step of the way!

Now, with the Premium Membership (which is only $2.99 a week), you get all of that AND hundreds of workouts!!! Work out in the comfort of your own home with Shaun T, Chalene Johnson, Tony Horton, Leandro Carvahlo and many others, while sculpting your body in an incredibly healthy way!


And finally, I’m on Snapchat!! I’m documenting my journeys through vegan food, fitness, my musical life (currently I’m on tour with Ariana Grande), random adventures, bubble tea outings and more! Follow me @TheKiaraAna!

I’ve been part of Team Beachbody since May 24. That’s 77 days. I’ve only skipped two days. It is not about competition with myself, the scale (evil) or anyone else. The journey is about celebrating the sprouts, the little successes along the way. Remember that blog post about the journey being the destination!? 😉 Am I at my ideal weight? No. Are my legs as fit as I want them to be? Nope. Do I feel better about where I am than I ever have in my life? Absolutely.


So the moral of this post is love one another, be kind, join my team so you can work out with me on Super Gym and follow me on Snapchat!

Love, kiki


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