(Outer)Transformation Tuesday

Happy Tuesday!

Two weeks ago I wrote about the magical inner transformation that begins usually before we really see the outer shift, but, as we all know the outer transformation is also very exciting!!

I began this fitness journey almost three months ago. I got into it because I really wanted to find a supplemental drink that could support my incredibly active lifestyle and could give me a base of super nutrients that I could have in my diet every day. Right now, I’m traveling the world for my job and Shakeology has proven to be a life-changer for me!

My personal journey is not about losing a set amount of weight or fitting into certain pants again (although there are days where I have to really remind myself that it’s not about that!!) My personal transformation is about cultivating the self-confidence that I never had, feeling comfortable in my own skin, building muscle and becoming lean and strong, both inside and out!

I certainly don’t enjoy taking body shots of myself, and it makes me really nervous to post them, but it’s an important way for us to see how we’re doing in our progress!

This was me, when I first signed up, May 24, 2015. (please excuse my suitcase! Living on the road!) IMG_5919

This next picture is the one I posted on our team’s monthly challenge group today. The left photo was taken at the beginning of the challenge on July 15 and the right was taken on August 9.


I am not a finished product. I am not at my goal weight or goal body. But that’s okay. It’s a constant process and I’m so grateful for the journey and I’m grateful for the constant support from the Beachbody community!

Please message me if you’d like to join in our Summer Send-Off challenge group that is starting next Monday, August 24! 30 days of inspiration, motivation, community building, accountability and a kickass time!


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