Hope and Intentions

Happy Monday!

I have a tattoo on my left forearm that says अभिध्यै which is Sanskrit for Intention (to desire, to meditate, to set one’s heart upon) that I got right before I left for tour in February with Ariana Grande. I have another tattoo on my right wrist that reads esperanza which means hope in Spanish. That was my first tattoo, 7 years ago, and was inspired by my mother’s (successful) battle with breast cancer.


I see these tattoos all the time and am constantly reminded to have hope, set intentions and follow a path that is true to myself and helpful to others.

This morning I woke up, in my hotel room in Northern California and decided to have today be the first day of my first round of INSANITY! I’ve done some of the workouts in the past few months of being a coach, as I dabble in each of the programs so I can better explain them to prospective challengers, but I woke up with a new intention!! It’s happening.

I took my before pictures and while I won’t share those yet, here are my results from the Fit Test Day One!


Any day can be January 1 and the beginning of new intentions and hopes and dreams and REALITIES. You just have to make it happen. And you can. I’d love for you to join me on this journey! Message me today if you’d like to hear more about INSANITY!

Set your intentions high!

Peace love and light ~kiki


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