World Vegetarian Day Awareness

Happy October!

To feed a person on a plant-based vegan diet for a year takes 1/6 of an acre.
To feed the same person on a vegetarian diet that includes eggs and dairy requires 3 times as much land.
to feed an average US citizen’s high consumption diet of meat, dairy and eggs requires 18 times as much land.
This is because you can produce 37,000 pounds of vegetables in 1.5 acres but only 375 pounds of meat on the same land.
From “Cowspiracy.”

Apparently today is World Vegetarian Day although I didn’t know that last night when I watched Cowspiracy: The Sustainability Secret. So it turned out to be perfect timing for me to write a little bit about it here, since it really affected me!

The film follows Kip Andersen as he researches the main causes of the environmental crisis that our planet is in. The leading organizations like Sierra Club, Greenpeace and Oceana all say the main causes are fossil fuels from our cars and factories, garbage and oil drilling among others, and while these are all contributing factors, the truth of the matter is the biggest harm on our environment is animal agriculture. None of these groups want to admit that because the meat and dairy industries are SO huge. But sustainable animal agriculture is not an option with the current demand and “need” for meat and dairy products.

This film presents the numbers, the harm, the problems and the solutions through incredible information, insightful interviews and real experiences. I would highly suggest watching it and they make it very easy! You can download it from their website, order the DVD or stream it on Netflix!


I am already vegan, but I found Cowspiracy to be thought-provoking and full of new and fascinating (and often horrifying) knowledge.  Becoming vegan was a choice that just sort of happened to me as I cleaned up my diet and was just eating very fresh produce, almost all raw and as close to the earth as I could. I opened a drawer of cheese one day when I was housesitting two and a half years ago, about to dig into a huge chunk of cheese (very usual behavior for me) and it was at that moment that I thought, “hey, if I stop eating cheese, I’ll be vegan.” I’ve never looked back. I’ve always been an animal lover and have never eaten red meat. I was raised a vegetarian but ate minimal chicken, turkey and fish for a few years in high school, when my grandfather was convinced I needed more protein. But that didn’t feel right to me either and I became a vegetarian again in college. I never thought I could give up cheese. I ate cheese on everything. But now, I don’t even eat the “fake cheeses” because I have lost a taste for it and now substitute it with miso, avocado, carrots, sweet potatoes, herbs and many other tasty foods.

I am thrilled and proud to be vegan. It’s the right thing to do for ourselves and the future of the planet. I feel incredible and I eat like a queen at every meal. I’m very open to talking about veganism, so please don’t hesitate to ask me any questions! I’d love to hear your feedback about it too, once you watch the film!

Act gently and with compassion towards the climate, the planet and all animals.

Peace, love and sustainability!



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