Fit For Fall…

…and the beginning of the rest of your life! But really! Tomorrow we begin an awesome 30 Day Challenge Group called Fit For Fall.


Are you ready to jumpstart your autumnal season!? We’re closing in on the Holiday Season! For most of us, that means the FOUR big Fs: family, friends, fun and FOOD. Wouldn’t it be super great to enter this Holiday season feeling trim and fit? Motivated by others who are doing the same? Filling your days with fitness, healthy, nutritious food, a superfood and supercharged shake and accountability and inspiration from an incredible support team?

If this sounds awesome to you, I invite you to join our Fit For Fall Challenge Group! I’m looking for 5 lovely human beings looking to make a commitment to themselves and the group to start their journey towards their goals TODAY! (well, tomorrow, October 12).

What Will You get?

-Daily motivation, support, and tips
-ONLY 30 minute daily workouts
-Weekly meal plans already made for you
-One meal a day jam-packed with super foods and dense nutrition
-Camaraderie, community, and accountability

How Do I Know You Will Succeed? 

1. Because Nutrition + Fitness + Support = SUCCESS!
2. Because our team has seen such huge success that there is no shadow of a doubt that you can make the change you want to make.
Decide. Commit. Succeed.

So…. Are You In!? 

Message me here or on Facebook and we can choose the fitness program that best suits your schedule and goals! (or with any questions you may have!)

Peace, Love and Fit-ness,



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