Stretchy Saturday!

Happy Saturday!

I just posted Days 9 and 10 of the #OctoberYogaSpice Challenge with Kino Yoga​ (Kino) and BeachYogaGirl (Kerri) on my Instagram.


I wanted to share it here too and elaborate on forward folds! Unfortunately, we all spend too much time sitting in chairs. It’s the nature of our society. We sit while we drive, work, eat and use the restroom. That is too much sitting! Our spines and big muscles need to be stretched and given release from all the compression.

Forward folds, while standing up (uttanasana) or sitting down (Paschimottanasana and all variations), are wonderful for stretching and releasing the hamstrings, lumbar spine, upper back and shoulders. Even if you can’t touch your hands to the ground in uttanasana or your face to your leg while sitting down, just the motion of folding forward over your straight legs is SO rejuvenating! Remember to breathe full, deep breaths, and pull in your core so you can bend deeper! Don’t reach with your forehead because that breaks the line of the spine. Reach for your toes with a flat back, bending at the hips and keeping the spine straight. Just go as far as you can until your lower back releases more, with time and practice.

Kathryn Budig, one of my favorite yogis and teachers, breaks down uttanasana in a Yoga Journal article called “5 Steps to Master Standing Forward Bend.” Read it here.

Share your thoughts and/or pictures below, and as always, message me with any questions!

Peace, Love and Happy Hamstrings,



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