Tasty Tuesday: Lentils in a pan and in 12 minutes!

It’s Tuesday!

I just walked to the Farmers Market that is literally on my street, across from my house, which is amazing, and got kale (so much kale), zucchini, cabbage (I’m going to make some sauerkraut!), cherry tomatoes, persimmons, grapes and plums. I’m so grateful for pesticide-free Southern California produce!

Today we’re going to talk about lentils. Lentils have more protein per serving than any other legumes! At 18g of protein per serving they blow a lot of dairy products out of the water as well, and they’re cruelty-free so that’s awesome too!


I love lentils. Lentil soup, stew or just plain lentils in a saucepan!

Get your raw lentils in a bag or in bulk. Red lentils are the healthiest lentil, as shown in this video from Nutritionfacts.org, one of my favorite websites to visit for my food questions!

You ready? This is a super simple, fun and quick recipe and you can totally mold it to your taste desires!


1 cup raw red lentils (wash them before cooking!)

2 cups liquid (I used water, but you can use veggie broth or mix white wine in too!)

1 Tbs oil (I used coconut, olive oil is another option)

seasonings to your taste! (I used oregano, garlic powder and turmeric. I’d also suggest no-salt seasoning, red pepper flakes, black pepper, rosemary, etc!)



Oil the saucepan while it heats. Add lentils and coat them in the oil. Then add liquid and finally the seasonings.


Let it simmer until almost all the water is absorbed (I don’t like to let them totally dry out), stirring occasionally. I was seasoning as it was cooking, to perfect the final product!

Take off heat and EAT! I love adding lentils into my power bowl with dark leafy greens, cabbage, quinoa, avocado and miso, but you can eat them plain, or just mixed with rice, or added into a plain soup!


I wish I could send you the taste over the internet, but you’ll just have to make them yourself! Let me know how it goes and what spices you add!

Peace, Love and Lentils



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