Freedom Friday: Head voice to Heart voice!

Happy Friday!

We, as human beings on this earth, are subject to a lot of things. Happiness, pain, freedom, soul-searching, love, heartbreak, epic failure and epic successes are just the tip of the iceberg.

In almost all situations, if you react to things like most of us do, the ego takes over and starts firing thoughts, reactions, ideas, emotions and advice into your head. The ego is the head voice, trying to be logical and trying to fix situations but at the same time cultivating many other feelings including jealousy, blame, intolerance and separation. Once the ego enters and takes over, it’s hard to get out of that pattern.

Breaking free of the ego and moving towards the heart voice, or the soul, may sound too spiritual or holistic for you, but hear me out. Imagine approaching a situation whether it’s “good” or “bad” with love, sympathy, forgiveness, tolerance and gratefulness, instead of fear and hostility. Don’t you already feel calmer?

Moving with grace from ME to WE, from pride to understanding and  from jealousy to friendship will really shift the entire way your life is led. People will react to you differently, situations will seem less dire and your sense of peace and tranquility will multiply.

We live in a world of constant flux, anger, evolving situations, violence and rulers. I believe that we’ll all be happier, more peaceful and free people if we go out into the world practicing sympathy, appreciation, compassion, love and a sense of community.

Smile at a stranger today, carry a bag of groceries outside to someone’s car for them, call a friend and tell them how much they mean to you and let’s live a little bit more from the soul as we enter into this Holiday season.


Peace and Love,



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