Thankful Thursday: 21 things and 21 days !

Happy Thursday!

I’ve been thinking a lot about gratitude and space and life and the passing of time recently. This year is almost over. The holidays are almost here. 2015 has been a whirlwind. I have so many things to be thankful for. Thanksgiving is coming up fast and to prepare for that and the rest of the holiday celebrations I want to invite you to join me in a few things!

Firstly, we are starting another challenge group on Monday. It will last 21 days and get us RIGHT up to Thanksgiving. Fortunately, the 21 Day Fix Challenge Pack is STILL on special in November, so there’s really no excuse, especially with the money back guarantee and the help you’ll get in the group! You’ll arrive at your Thanksgiving feast full of clean food and so thankful for how your body FEELS.

Message me for the details on the group and the 21 Day Fix Challenge Pack!


And secondly, in honor of Thanksgiving and the upcoming challenge group, I wanted to share 21 things that I’m really grateful for right now:

  1. The house that I just moved into. Even though we’re going through some technical difficulties with it, it’s spectacular that I get to live in a house with my love and share that space with friends and family!
  2. My health that enables me to get up and workout everyday.
  3. The fact that there’s a Farmers Market ON MY STREET every week.
  4. The opportunity to travel the world for work as I did this year on Ariana Grande’s “Honeymoon Tour.”
  5. The ability to make what I love to do in my life the way I make money in my life.
  6. Open-mindedness to people from all experiences and stories.
  7. My friends who challenge and comfort me.
  8. My family who loves me and supports me unconditionally.
  9. Strangers who give a smile and a hello on the street.
  10. My grandparent’s generosity which enabled me to have a new car (I still have to name her!)
  11. Because of my grandparents, I can give my old car (Millie!) to a friend in need.
  12. Birdsong that wakes me up daily.
  13. Fall in LA, even though I’m so cold most of the time now. 😉
  14. Friends on the East Coast and their pictures of the BEAUTIFUL Fall colors that I miss so dearly!
  15. My online support system and adopted fitness family of coaches and people involved in Beachbody.
  16. Shakeology, my daily chocolate-saving-grace.
  17. The freedom and ability to make my own decisions.
  18. My parents who taught me about always being gracious and giving.
  19. My father’s advice to “always eat as closely to the earth as you can.”
  20. The abundance of fresh fruits, vegetables and nuts that is available to me in Southern California.
  21. The fact that this is the last item for this list, but my gratitude list could go on for a while longer!

FullSizeRender 6

What about you!? I want to see your lists! Send them to me via message, post them in the comments below, text them to me, or call me and tell me about the things that you’re grateful for! We can get so caught up in the mundane and the everyday and sometimes it’s good to take the time to write your gratitude down!

Peace, Love and Thankful-lists,



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