21 Days of FITmas

Good Monday, good people!

I come to you with a challenge. This is a hard time of year. Even if you’re the most happy and bubbly person and you’re spending the holidays with the most loving individuals in your life, this season can be a stressful time.

We tend to eat a lot during the holidays. That’s cool, and all, but come January, I would guess that a lot of the resolutions have the words “tone” “workout” “lose weight” “gym” and “membership” in them. Of course working out and moving your body is a very important part of being fit, but another HUGE part of being the happiest and healthiest version of you happens in the kitchen. It doesn’t matter if you have an awesome six-pack, if it’s covered with a layer of fat from the processed foods you eat! Most of the time you can oversee what you eat and if you like, create your own meals on a daily basis. While you CAN do this during the holidays, it’s much harder! I know, from personal experience.

That’s why I’m going to commit to a super healthy and specific fitness and eating routine between Thanksgiving and Christmas so that I set myself up for success into the New Year! I want to continue healthy habits into 2016, not feel bad about my behavior in 2015 and feel like I have to start over!

What if I told you that you didn’t have to go to the gym ever, that you could get more sweaty and tired (and happy!) in under an hour in your living room than all that time you’d spend in the car, at the gym and back in the car again!? I want you to start your journey with me this month!

Firstly, Monday, November 30-Wednesday, December 2 (right after Thanksgiving), I’m going to be doing the 3 Day Refresh. This is a completely plant-based detox for your insides and your outsides! Refresh yourself!! I’d love for you to join in, so please message me if you want to hear more about the 3 Day Refresh! You can also watch the promo video here.


The next step is 21 Day Fix. We have a Challenge Group starting on December 3 called 21 Days to FITmas, and while you don’t have to do the 21 Day Fix, I will be doing that program and I’d love for you to jump into it with me! I’m doing the Extreme version, but the normal 21 Day Fix will definitely extremely kick your butt into shape as well! 😉 The challenge group will end right before Christmas! (But we’ll be starting another one in January, soon after!)

Perhaps the most amazing part of the 21 Day Fix is the container system. This revolutionary “portion control” system makes it so that you don’t have to count calories ever, just count colors based on how many of each container you’re permitted daily. The containers, recipes, nutritional guide and support from your coach (ME!) makes it so simple to eat cleanly and ring in the New Year feeling calm, energized, sexy and fit!


If nothing yet has caught your eye, HERE’S THE BEST PART! 21 Day Fix (and the Kickstart packages, which include the 3 Day Refresh) are on an amazing special until the end of November! That means there’s one week left.

I’m offering 21 Day Fix FREE to the next three people who commit to starting their health, fitness and wellness journey with me this December! This journey includes accountability groups, coach support whenever you need it, an online community of people on similar paths, meal plans, mini challenges with prizes and a daily superfood health shake that provides vital vitamins, minerals, adaptogens, pre and probiotics, vegetables and fruit that our bodies crave daily.

Please message me if you want to be one of the lucky three challengers and do the 21 Day Fix with me!

Peace, Love and Colories!




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