Workout Wednesday: December Abs Challenge!

It’s the day before Thanksgiving. It’s five days before the start of December. We’re nearing the end of 2015. That’s pretty crazy/awesome/scary/humbling.

Lots of things have happened this year. Some good, some great, some sad and some truly terrible and heartbreaking. We have all gone through our share of emotions and experiences. In times of good and in times of sadness, it’s best to hold those close to you even closer and practice unconditional support, love and compassion.


I have been hosting a 30 day squat challenge and I feel like I have 80 new friends! I have even met a few of them, but some of the people participating aren’t even in this country!

I was asked to host another group for December, so as the holidays roll in and we get closer to the new year, we’ll be focusing on our abs with a 30 Day Ab Challenge!

I would love to have another big group of people in this challenge too as it’s so great to have the accountability for yourself and a place to check in to, where other people are going through the same thing as you! In this case, it will be getting a stronger core, and therefore being able to support your whole body better, as core strength is key in strengthening all other parts of the body! Plus, who doesn’t love a sexy stomach??

Here is the schedule we’ll be following, although I’m known for throwing in some alternative moves as well 😉


Who’s in!? Comment here or message me with “YES I’M IN” or any other questions you may have!

Peace, Love and Abs!



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