My first cleanse; 3 Day Refresh

Hello, from the other side.

Thanks for that line, Adele, but seriously it’s true. I made it through! And in a good mood! I won’t lie, it wasn’t easy. I was hungry. I was tired. My energy levels were pretty low. But now that I’ve made it through, I’m super excited and I feel really good.

I’ve never done a cleanse before. Which some people find surprising because I really do care so much about what I put into my body. But, to be honest, I just love food so much that I was scared to do a cleanse. But then I read about the 3 Day Refresh and it made more sense than any other master cleanse or juice cleanse that I had seen. The 3 Day Refresh uses incredibly clean and fresh plant-based food, prepared very simply, in conjunction with nutritional shakes and a fiber sweep to gently get your body back in alignment. You’re not starving yourself. You’re just giving your body a break from having to digest complex carbs, fat, sugars and caffeine. I was curious.  And it’s only 3 days! Watch the promo video here.

Here’s how it went:

Day 1. The first part of the day was totally fine, up until my afternoon snack, when I got very tired. I played at a Persian Wedding that night and it was a challenge to stay awake, perform and dance until 1am, but let’s be honest, that’s challenging for me anyway as I like to go to bed early! Another big challenge was the fruit/dessert table at these Persian parties. These tables are piled high with fruits, vegetables, cookies, pies etc and are open most of the night. I am infamous for serving myself multiple plates of fruits and veggies. It was challenging but I stuck to my (actually really delicious) spinach salad and Vanilla Fresh shake (flavored with cinnamon and nutmeg so it became more of a “chai shake”).

Day 2. This was the hardest day for me. I was tired from the night before. I had very little energy throughout the day although I wasn’t necessarily super hungry. To distract myself, I went to see Mockingjay Part 2, wearing my Top Gun onesie. IMG_0192

Day 3: This was the easiest day for me. I think I knew it was the last day and I just needed to power through. I had more energy throughout the day, my meals were well-spaced out and I was just generally more chipper! I absolutely loved the spinach salad, although I did sub jicama for the red pepper (I really don’t like red pepper). And because it’s so cold in Los Angeles right now, we made veggie broth for dinner as well, flavored with basil, chili powder, oregano and pepper.


Conclusion: I woke up excited to eat my oatmeal again, but also incredibly grateful for this cleanse. I feel lighter, clearer, less bloated and bouncier now that I’ve worked with super clean food to clean out my system from the inside out. I loved this program, will definitely do it again and will absolutely take some of the practices into my daily eating plan as well, like cutting out fruit in the later part of the day and keeping the carbs/fats in the middle of the day.

Here are my Day 1 and Day 3 pictures. Notice a difference?!

IMG_0203 2

I am starting the 21 Day Fix Extreme workouts and eating plan today and I’m super excited to work with these results and keep seeing new ones as I go through the program!

Message me if you want to hear more about the 3 Day Refresh (it would be a GREAT thing to do after the Holidays!) and/or if you want to hop into a group with me and do the 21 Day Fix!

Peace, Love and Cleanses,




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