Make The Most Of YOU

Happy Tuesday!

I’m so pleased to announce that I’m co-hosting (with two other fabulous ladies) a FREE 5 Day Meditation and Self-Love challenge. It’s going to be five days of mindful meditation, clean eating, mini workouts to get your body and spirit moving and accountability from others going through the same thing!



Meditation: There are many benefits of meditation including stress relief, clearer mind, higher functioning body and growing intuition. Taking some time in the morning to breathe and come into yourself fully after sleeping can be so beneficial to your most pro-active and productive self!



Clean Eating: Eating McDonald’s today won’t kill you (probably.) But eating like that for years on end is incredibly detrimental to your body. Similarly, if you eat cleanly for one day it won’t make your life immediately incredible, but over time, your body will function at the highest possible level, with the nutrients, love and attention you’re giving it! There will be a vegan (I’ll be providing this one!) and non-vegan meal plan in the group.



Mini workouts: Getting your body moving every day is a very large part of living an actively healthy life. The short workouts in this challenge will not take up much time, but they will get your heart pumping, your blood moving and your energy up!



Optimal health is made in your mind with how you accept and process events/things, in the kitchen with how you eat and in your body with active movement. Make the most of you and join us for 5 days of living your most optimal life in these three areas! Message me for more details on how to sign up!

Peace, love and love,



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