Love the Skin You’re In

Happy Friday! The end of the work week for most people, Friday is a lovely day to look forward to the weekend of relaxing and rejuvenating or partying, however you choose to recharge.

Today is the last day of the Make the Most of YOU challenge, as we explored the sometimes easily forgotten inner self, and gave ourselves some pampering, love and patience through meditation, clean eating, inspirational reminders and some workouts!

This was our last quote for today.

FullSizeRender 3Being Genuine at all times is so important. It’s easier to be genuine when you’re taking great care of yourself and are able to really stand behind what you’re saying and perform actions that stem from a real, truthful and heartfelt place.

Once our insides are aligned and the self-love and appreciation is flowing, it’s much easier to start working on the outside appearance. I invite you to continue the journey with us in our next challenge group titled Love the Skin You’re In which starts on February 15. It will be four weeks of focused work on cultivating the best you, with a tailored workout program that fits your time constraints, needs and wants, nutritional guides, daily accountability and a wonderful online community of others on a similar journey!

LoveSkinWant to hear more or sign up? Message me here or on Facebook!

Peace, love and skeleton leggings,



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