Hello and Welcome!

Playtime at the Louvre, on a beautiful day!


My name is Kiara Ana. I am a musician by day (and night!). I am also an active yogi, vegan food lover, adventurer, hiker and overall life enthusiast!

After college (I went to school in Boston and studied viola performance), I moved to Los Angeles to pursue my career as a violist, violinist and vocalist for live bands, studio sessions and tours.

I work as a musician. This means that my daily/monthly/yearly schedule is never a routine. I often don’t have any days “off” in a week, and if I do, it’s usually a very random day, and that also alters weekly. I love my schedule and life, but it also means that I have to be really on top of taking care of myself. On any given day, in addition to food prep and working out, I also have to learn any new songs and probably pack a suitcase and fly to Europe! 🙂

Even though my lifestyle makes it more challenging (or interesting), I do like routines, to a certain extent. While spontaneity and random acts of kindness are must-haves in our lives, steady good nutrition, enough peaceful sleep, mediation and/or personal reflection and exercise are as well.

This blog is a place where you can get tips for eating well, working out, find out where I’m teaching next, check out my favorite vegan recipes and together we can inspire and push each other to be our best and most healthy selves, on the outside, but also on the inside!

Peace and Light, ~Ki



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